13 Oracle Card Spreads for Full + New Moons

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Oracle Cards are a mystical, yet practical tool to help give you answers and guidance on the most impactful way to connect, manifest, and work with the cycles of the moon.

In this digital guide, Colette shares some of her favorite Oracle decks for New Moon and Full Moon readings, steps to performing your reading, and 13 lunar Oracle card spreads that you can use for guidance.

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4 reviews for 13 Oracle Card Spreads for Full + New Moons

  1. Neema (verified owner)

    This is so beautiful… each spread is unique and can be related to which ever star sign the moon is in by theme or ‘feel’ of the star-sign; one can also simply pick a spread like you would an oracle card.
    I love it 😁🙌💚

  2. Andrea


  3. Martha

    I can’t wait ❤️

  4. Lino Grazia (verified owner)

    Very nice design of the Guide. It tells you what questions to ask the cards at the time of the Reading.