7 Energies Meditations

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Colette Baron-Reid collaborated with talented musician, Erroll Starr Francis, to create a series of seven guided meditations, with one meditation for each of the energy centers.

We invite you to access these meditations when you want to take some time to be still, to focus on your breathing, and to connect with the Divine.

***Please note that this meditation will download as a .zip file and will need to be downloaded on a laptop or computer, as mobile devices and tablets usually have trouble downloading this file type.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, check your download folder on your computer and double click the folder to extract the mp3. You can then add the audio file to your mobile device if you prefer to listen to music there.

If you have any questions about how to access your digital audio files, please contact teamcbr@colettebaronreid.com for assistance.


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2 reviews for 7 Energies Meditations

  1. Laura

    I love this series of meditations. I first heard them at OraclePalooza 2020 and return to them when I need to center.

  2. Rita Falsetto (verified owner)

    Along with the background music, Colette’s meditations are like soothing balm to one’s soul.
    She has such a comforting, reassuring and overall gentle voice that helps calms every cell in one’s being. I use these meditations in my daily practice. I highly recommend any or all of them!