The Spirit of Your Business Bootcamp

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Ditch the hustle and embrace the more sacred side of entrepreneurship!

Get lifetime three powerful video trainings, exercises, and worksheets so you can tap into the the same metaphysical approach and business strategies she uses to mentor thousands of students and Fortune 500 executives.

Video 1: How Well Do You Know Your Business?

In a fun and simple exercise, you’ll connect with the Spirit of Your Business (even if that sounds a bit wacky!). Plus, you’ll discover how to trust that you’re on the right path, even when it’s hard.

Video 2: Take the Spirit of Your Business on a Date

The key to a joyful romantic relationship? Communication. It’s no different in your relationship with your business! So get ready to discover things you don’t know because you haven’t asked.

Video 3: The Journey Forward with the Spirit of Your Business

Take the most crucial step towards unraveling the cosmic blueprint that your business partner (aka the Spirit of your biz), already has in store for you.

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2 reviews for The Spirit of Your Business Bootcamp

  1. Paula Phillips

    Love this course. It is a tangible way to look at building your business!!!!!

  2. Sandy Cee

    Loved it greatly as it gave me so much to think about. Aligning myself, my thoughts and aspirations with Spirit is a new concept, though not a new thought. Just the concept of doing it differently. I suppose Spirit has been telling me this for a while and I have not heard. Finally, it is sinking in.
    Thank you for sharing this. It has given me much to think about.