Mindful Living Meditations App

These positive, relaxing meditations guide you through affirmations and vision journeys that will benefit you in your daily life, as you seek mindful living.

I have created this meditation app to help you begin a meditation practice, deepen one you have, or provide variety in your meditation journey. I have made these powerful and effective meditations available to you so that you can easily create more stillness in your life on a daily basis. With meditation as a daily habit, you will be amazed at the powerful changes you create in your life. I’ve done it! Meditation has helped empower me in so many ways… and if I can do it, so can you! Make meditation the habit that changes you.

– Courage
– Foregiveness
– Grounding
– Humility
– In Dwelling Spirit
– Love
– Opening The Channels
– Reverence
– Sanctuary
– St. Francis Prayer Meditation
– Stillness
– The Net
– Truth
– Affirmations

– View the entire list of tracks
– Favorite tracks to create a custom playlist
– Set a daily notification to remind you to meditate
– 15-Second Forward/Backward Skip
– Repeat One or All tracks
– Set a sleep timer

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