Nature Visions Journey Meditations App

These vision journeys are guided meditations that lead you through calming nature scenes and soothing nature music.

I was inspired to create these guided meditations with themes such as “Crystal Cave” and “Sound of the Sun” and meaningful topics such as “The Magical Power of Forgiveness” and “The Map of Fate and Destiny”.

The app is designed to make your meditation experience super easy too! And it even has convenient features such as the ability to set a daily notification, custom playlists, sleep timer settings and more. Isn’t that awesome?

Listen, if I can meditate so can you! I promise you will be happy with the results.

– Crystal Cave
– Into The Unknown
– Over The Cliff
– Sound Of The Sun Meditation
– The Letter And The Compass
– The Magical Power Of Forgiveness
– The Map Of Fate And Destiny
– The Seed And The Magic Of Resistance
– Tree
– Watering Forest

– View the entire list of tracks
– Favorite tracks to create a custom playlist
– Set a daily notification to remind you to meditate
– 15-Second Forward/Backward Skip
– Repeat One or All tracks
– Set a sleep timer
– No internet connection necessary to listen
– Over 100 minutes of meditations

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