The Oracle Card Journal

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A Daily Practice for Igniting Your Insight, Intuition, and Magic 

Connect to your deepest self with this illustrated guided journal that uses daily oracle card readings in a 40-day process toward profound personal growth.

International best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid guides you through all you need to know about choosing and using oracle cards, and how they facilitate your dialogue with the universe. The elegantly illustrated guided journal offers a 40-day process based on daily oracle card readings to facilitate your personal growth and search for meaning. In the end, you will find your relationship to the universe strengthened, achieve greater access to the hidden realms, and deepen your own self-knowledge.


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3 reviews for The Oracle Card Journal

  1. Sheryl Parkin

    Fabulous journal. I’m delaying starting my 40 days until after a personal commitment, but meanwhile I’m learning a great deal from the information in the front pages. This is going to be the Christmas gift for a number of people on my list!

  2. Tracy

    I am on day 9 and loving my morning ritual. Great way to get my intuition going and to tune into Spirit. The book explains how to use it in very simple terms. Ordering a couple more for Christmas gifts. Thank you! And loving your Wooniverse podcast too! XO

  3. Amy

    This book is so much more than I thought it would be. Yes, its a journal with prompts to help you write and reflect about the card you pulled. But before you get to the journaling portion of the book there is wonderful information about the practice of it to prepare you. Information that really brings so much meaning and understanding to the oracle card journaling practice. Also, I could not have imagined how doing this daily has enriched my spiritual connection. Spending dedicated time to connect with spirit has brought me so much peace. The message of the cards is spot on and its crazy the synchronicities I have been experiencing. Im so thankful for this book and Colettes decks. Im currently using The Shamans Dream and Goddess Power decks. Im so happy with the whole experience. Thank you.