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Oracle Circle Membership

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The Oracle CircleTM Membership is a sacred space for heart-centered mystics of all levels

to explore your ever-evolving inner landscape and use Oracle Cards and divination as tools for growth — all while surrounded by an uplifting community of other soul-led individuals committed to seeking the highest good for all.

As a member, each and every week you’ll receive curated resources, spiritual guidance, powerful tools, revealing and rejuvenating meditations, and the support you need to help you evolve on your spiritual journey and discover your purpose in the world.

From: $22.00 / month


Just a Sample of




Fun, inspiring live sessions where you and Colette will discuss the month’s theme, does an Oracle Card spread, meditate and more!!


With journal prompts, affirmations, and exercises for self-discovery…


Take your monthly affirmations with you everywhere you go on your phone and tablet…


Discounts on Colette’s courses and events like the upcoming ”Past Lives, Future Miracles” and more.




Spirit Jams are virtual events where Colette provides direct spiritual guidance for select attendees, performs readings, and even channels friends and loved ones who have passed over.


Watch Colette and special guest, astrologer Michael Lennox share how the stars set the stage for the coming month.


Skillfully hosted by our Membership Mavens, where you’ll receive virtual accountability with like-minded people.


Extra video and audio content from Colette’s hit podcast, “INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE”.


Enjoy soothing and centering guided meditations for healing, manifesting, stress relief, anxiety, creativity and other topics led by Colette.


Who will share their expertise and provide additional support and insight on our monthly focuses in LIVE sessions with Colette.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Oracle Circle Membership vs. Oracle 101 vs Oracle School?

The Oracle Circle Membership is a month to month community-based membership to help you evolve on your spiritual journey with other like-hearted members.

The Oracle Cards 101 course teaches you how to move through your immediate environment and experience, how to recognize where you are, what’s going on and how to navigate the reality that is already there. It’s not about changing yourself; rather, it teaches you how to be metaphysically present to conditions and to make choices for your highest good.

Oracle Cards 101 is about present moment and short term influence. It’s being empowered and aware of the conditions you’re working with. It’s more immediate.

Oracle School is actually three courses, plus an integration period. The first, Personal Mastery, is using Oracle Cards as a tool to answer the inward focused question, “Who do I want to become?” It’s all about moving from what’s in front of us to co-creating a new reality, diving deep into personal transformation, self-revelation and healing, and discovering your magic to work with Universal Law. These concepts are expanded upon in the Invision Process and Shared Wisdom courses.

I’ve taken other divination/metaphysical courses. What is different about this membership?

Thank you for asking! With the Oracle Circle Membership you’ll find regular content for all things related to Oracle Card readings, intuition, and divination as a tool for growth.

The Oracle Circle Membership is your place to create an ongoing practice of working with Oracle Cards and other tools for your spiritual growth. Your membership in the Oracle Circle will help you evolve on your spiritual journey while you discover your purpose in the world.

And the best part… you journey alongside a fantastic community of like-hearted members!

Do you offer membership payments in Canadian or International funds?

Our company is based in the US, and therefore all courses are priced in US funds.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you sign up for the Oracle Circle Membership and decide you would like to cancel it, you can self-cancel any time before your next billing cycle and you will not be charged the next month. Email to confirm that you’d like to cancel and your account and access will be cancelled within 24 hours.

What’s included in this membership?

Great question!


  • Monthly Focus Facebook Live!
    Join Colette for this fun and inspiring live sessions as she introduces the month’s theme, reads an Oracle card spread, shares tips for practical spirituality, leads a meditation and takes questions from members!
  • Monthly Affirmation Screensavers to take your reminders with you everywhere you go
  • Monthly Mystical Focus PDF Guide with journal prompts, affirmations, and exercises for self-discovery
  • Exclusive Membership Discounts on Colette’s courses and focus events like the brand new “Past Lives, Future Miracles” and more!

Along with a ton of Monthly Bonuses!

How does this membership content get delivered to me?

Once you receive your welcome email containing your login information, you will have access via our Facebook Group and our library of materials located in our online Oracle Circle Membership learning platform.

I don’t have Facebook. Can I still join this membership?

Of course! Even though our Facebook Group offers the community portion of this membership, you can access the rest of the membership materials without it! All of the videos, PDFs, meditations and a library of materials will be located in our online Oracle Circle Membership learning platform.

What do I get as soon as I sign up?

Upon purchasing your membership you will get instant access to the Oracle Circle Membership learning platform, plus other goodies in your welcome email!

Are the live calls recorded?

Great Question! Yes, the live calls are recorded so if you can’t make them live you can view them at your own convenience.

Do I get certified with this membership?

This membership does not include a certification. It is a membership and community for you to build your education, intuition, and confidence while reading Oracle Cards and using other divination tools.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I make a payment for this membership site another way?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept payment via a credit card or bank debit card with a credit card attached for this membership program.

I am having trouble purchasing the membership.

We are sorry you are having trouble signing up for the Oracle Circle Membership. Our platform is best used on browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, if you are on a mobile device you will want to make sure you have a strong connection to the internet when making the purchase. You can email us at and we will do our best to assist you!

33 reviews for Oracle Circle Membership

  1. Jill

    I signed up for the Annual Membership! It’s so exciting to get monthly readings and the best “woo woo” info. Spirit Jams are always the highlight of my month! This membership community really holds a special place in my heart. I love Colette and the Mavens! You all make it so special to be here!

  2. Liz

    The Oracle Circle is my favorite place on the internet! I look forward to the monthly moon readings with Colette and Dr. Michael Lennox and Spirit Jams, of course. Every single Spirit Jam is a unique spiritual experience and I always get so many little messages from the Universe, even if I’m not selected for a reading with Colette. It’s the best $22 I spend each month. I love Colette, the mavens, and everyone in our Woo Crew!

  3. Jaz

    The Oracle Circle is an amazing resource for getting in tune with Spirit at an affordable monthly price, that fits my busy lifestyle. Not only do I get to connect deeper with myself, but with a wonderful community!

  4. Angel

    If you are looking forward to tuning in with your Spirit, The Oracle Circle is an amazing fit for you for a very affordable monthly subscription.

  5. veroshka (verified owner)

    This is the best decision I ever made for my well-being. Found my grounding and direction since I joined the Oracle Circle Membership and a super woo woo family to support me on my journey.

  6. Brooke (verified owner)

    This space is for those that are looking to learn what woo is, AND it’s for those who are already deeeeeep in the woo woo! I’ve been in the Oracle Circle for over a year now. It is part of my toolkit for my mental health, and it’s incredibly enjoyable to be with Colette and everyone who speaks. <3 Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. Julie Lemire

    I’m looking forward to joining this community.

  8. Robyn I (verified owner)

    This membership is worth it alone for the free courses, especially the Wisdom of the Oracle and The Good Tarot courses. And even when you’re done those, the monthly mystical focus calls, the astro calls with Dr Lennox and, of course, the Spirit Jams, are reason enough to stick around. They give me focus and insight into each month, and they help me stay grounded in my spiritual practice. I had to take a few months off due to financial constraints, but it is such a relief to be back!!

  9. Mary Ann Marriott (verified owner)

    Oracle Circle Membership is such a magical place to be. Collettes energy and insight is infectious. The monthly readings are my guiding light through the months. A worthwhile investment in myself. 🙏🤩

  10. Theresa Balentine (verified owner)

    I have really been enjoying the content in the Oracle Circle. There is so much content for learning and growing and so many ways to connect with like minded people. It has been enlightening and uplifting. I am grateful to Colette for creating this beautiful space at a totally affordable price. If you are wondering if it’s worth it, I can say… It is! Go for it!

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