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Oracle Circle Membership

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The Oracle CircleTM Membership is a sacred space for heart-centered mystics of all levels

to explore your ever-evolving inner landscape and use Oracle Cards and divination as tools for growth — all while surrounded by an uplifting community of other soul-led individuals committed to seeking the highest good for all.

As a member, each and every week you’ll receive curated resources, spiritual guidance, powerful tools, revealing and rejuvenating meditations, and the support you need to help you evolve on your spiritual journey and discover your purpose in the world.



1 review for Oracle Circle Membership

  1. Liz

    The Oracle Circle is my favorite place on the internet! I look forward to the monthly moon readings with Colette and Dr. Michael Lennox and Spirit Jams, of course. Every single Spirit Jam is a unique spiritual experience and I always get so many little messages from the Universe, even if I’m not selected for a reading with Colette. It’s the best $22 I spend each month. I love Colette, the mavens, and everyone in our Woo Crew!

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