Postcards from Spirit Deck

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Have you ever wanted to receive a personal message from the Other Side? Now you can!

Imagine traveling to a sacred place where you are able to receive communication from your loved ones who have passed on, your ancestors, your spirit guides, or even your guardian angels. What if they knew what you needed to know about every aspect of your life’s journey? What if, when you asked for advice or a sign about your direction, you could receive it in the form of a postcard from Spirit? Colette Baron-Reid has created this original and unique oracle card system to open a portal to the “other side” of the veil.

Illustrations by the Jena DellaGrottaglia.

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3 reviews for Postcards from Spirit Deck

  1. Mystic Meryl

    I love this deck so much! I got my first one as a gift, and then I bought a second deck just to give cards away to friends and clients who needed them. Every time I pull one, it is so aligned and filled with love and validation!

  2. Lashonda Ramsey

    Best deck ever I always feel so connected

  3. Angel

    This is definitely one of the best deck cards. I have always wanted to know more about my journey, and this deck helped me a lot.