Shaman’s Dream Deck

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Are you ready to manifest your intentions and use your dreamscapes to co-create? Created in the magical desert landscape of Joshua Tree, The Shaman’s Dream Oracle is a powerful collaboration between expert teachers Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid. The imagery inside the deck draws from the shamanic dream world of archetypes and magic, featuring mythic landscapes and spirit beings. Learn how the sacred realm shapes our experiences in the waking world.

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12 reviews for Shaman’s Dream Deck

  1. Ciara

    I’ve had this deck since it was published and have always found myself reaching for it before going to sleep. The imagery in this deck is so gorgeous, I find myself staring at the cards for a long period of time before looking up what the guidebook says.

  2. Angel

    This is really a great and remarkable collaboration!

  3. Kelly Krieg

    My second go to deck. I try to do a reading a night before sleep and then journal about what each card means.
    I love the imagery and the descriptions of each card so beautiful! I feel truly connected to each card.
    My mom even finds this deck beautiful, and she’s not into oracle as much as I am and that’s saying something! Thank you Colette for a life changing adventure!

  4. Sylvie (verified owner)

    Since I have this deck it’s been my go to every day! It speaks to me on so many level, I highly recommand it!

  5. Cheryl Dean

    I was looking for a birthday gift for a friend. I came back to these cards 4 times before I bought them for her. She absolutely loves these cards. Thank you spirit for guiding me to them, they were the best birthday gift!

  6. Elizabeth Menard (verified owner)

    I have 8 of Colette’s decks and this one instantly became my favourite. Alberto and Colette have hit it out of the park again, and Jena’s art is beautiful, as always. These cards really speak to me and are easy to understand, but for a deeper dive I’ll check out the guide book. There is always another layer. 🙂

  7. Helen Jennings

    Another great deck from Colette.

  8. Susan

    I love this deck! Having been a student of Alberto and Colette, I can easily see the blend of the two in these cards.
    The best part about this deck is how easily it blends masculine and feminine together.

  9. HP

    Highly accurate, timely and beautiful

  10. Davee

    Let go of the hurt from the past, you are now free to be who you are

  11. Dahana

    First time user of deck; love Greg messages and artistry. Spot-on!
    Look forward to them.

  12. Skye Arabella

    Ohh I hope these cards are restocked soon 🙏❤️‍🩹

    • Laura (verified owner)

      Hi Skye – You can order them today by following THIS LINK!