The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Deck

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Reveal the threads of fate and weave your dreams into the fabric of reality with this oracle deck that connects readers to our forgotten mystical allies, the dream weavers.

Discover the forgotten myths of the Dream Weavers, mystical beings who made their home in the hidden realms before the cosmos was created. They weave the threads of fate and destiny with those of our dreams to create patterns in the fabric of our reality—stories that we are able to interpret through tapping into our intuition with oracle cards. Each card—intricately illustrated by renowned artist Joel Nakamura—uses symbols and metaphors to represent a different aspect on your epic journey of evolution, co-creation, and self-discovery.


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2 reviews for The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Deck

  1. minahan

    Sight unseen but intuitively the messages truly those I will savor and relish! Thank you Colette for grasping the dial ahead to serve us a compass to adjust to our inner self for the dreams we manifest! I saw it! and look forward to the surprise arriving at the perfect time to reveal messages from the Weavers of Dreams!! xoxo

  2. Lori Munger

    I’m still in awe as to how this deck was created! It is truly magical! I’ve pulled a card everyday since I got this deck a week ago, it has helped me to start my day being true to myself and remembering I am the weaver of my dreams. The way the words and art complement each other is so amazing! Thank you Colette and Joel! My gratitude to everyone involved in bringing this oracle card deck to life… it takes a village. I’m grateful for the exact guidance I need in the moment. I’m looking forward to who I’m becoming with the help from The Dream Weavers Oracle!