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The Good Tarot Deck

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Grounded in a divination system that dates back centuries, The Good Tarot has a psychic architecture that’s more simple and modern, rooted in contemporary positive psychology and aimed at the expression of the highest good for all. The 78 cards in the deck are read as archetypal aspects of the human experience that we may encounter within ourselves, with others, or in the world.

The suits in The Good Tarot are the four elements, with Air standing in for the traditional Swords, Water replacing Cups, Earth for Pentacles, and for Wands, Fire. A crucial difference from traditional decks is that the cards’ messages are all written as positive affirmations in the present tense, rather than forecasts, instructions, or warnings. Those who use the cards in the suggested way can integrate their energy immediately and personally.




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22 reviews for The Good Tarot Deck

  1. Jill

    If you don’t know tarot well, you can also use this deck as a powerful affirmation message. I love to use it at the end of a reading accompanies with another one of Colette’s decks. The artwork is so ethereal and enchanting. I love this deck!

  2. Angel

    The Good Tarot deck will enlighten your wisdom if you have not experienced a tarot well. This deck is so elegant and enchanting.

  3. Serena

    I adore this deck! I love the unique take on the original Tarot and the art is just amazing! I have bought this for several of my friends as gifts and they are just as obsessed with it as I am lol!

  4. Brooke Vreeland

    This is a Visually stunning deck! I highly recommend this deck!

  5. Adrian

    I love this deck and highly recommend it to all tarot enthusiasts. Seasoned tarot readers, this deck offers you a whole new expansive gateway to universal communication!!!

  6. Kathy

    Love this deck, I start every day with a card from this beautiful de k

  7. Kimberly

    Absolutely love the way this deck works with me. I regularly have not only recommended it- I have gifted it to those I feel will also connect to is highly valued ev Ty single time!

  8. Brianna

    I love this deck! It blends my love of the original Tarot with the simplicity of Oracle cards beautifully!

  9. Lisa (verified owner)

    This deck has incredible artwork, it is ethereal and intuition provoking. There are many nuances to each card and I find them to be lovely to connect with. I don’t delve into the book much, but I like that there isn’t a huge long explanation to each card. The descriptions are succinct and the intentions are beautiful.

  10. Cindy Williams

    I love this deck, I also use the original Tarot, but this one has more a positive reading.

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