The Magic of Manifesting Workshop

Completely Change the Way You Manifest in This 2-Hour Workshop

What You’ll Experience:

  • Set Your Intentions With Colette

You can’t manifest what will bring you joy and fulfillment without clarity on your intention. Colette will help you master the art of aligning yourself with the feelings you desire.

  • Create A Container to Receive 

The #1 core principle to manifesting is… and this is a big one…. ‘You need to be open to receiving’. Colette will teach you how to create a container to receive all the gifts the Universe wants to give you.

  • Overcome Energetic and Mindset Blocks 

Learn how to gently acknowledge and move through the old stories and limiting beliefs that block you from attracting what you desire. You must believe you’re worthy of your dreams and Colette will show you how.

  • Practical Techniques and Action Steps

Focus your thoughts and energy toward abundance with simple, proven and practical techniques that will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

  • Q&A and Discussion

Colette has studied and taught manifesting for over 35 years. You’ll get to watch a pre-recording Q&A discussion while she shares the answers you need to acquire a positive and abundant mindset.

  • The Magic Of Manifesting Downloadable Worksheet

This downloadable worksheet will provide you with a tangible resource to reinforce and apply the concepts and techniques Colette covers in the workshop. This is a valuable reference for continued learning and reflection.


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