The Map

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In this fascinating book, Colette hands you the “magic wand” of your own awareness so that you can begin to perceive your life as a wonderful adventure and see yourself as an enchanted mapmaker. Enter a deep journey into your inner landscape and meet the imaginary beings that hold the keys to the wisdom hidden in your subconscious: the Wizard of Awareness, the Gentle Gardener, the Bone Collector, and the spirits of the psychological terrain you traverse, who know where to find the treasure in each experience. Discover how to tame the mischievous trickster Goblin, who locks you into old habits. Each of these aspects of your psyche has lessons for you, and each responds to your directions, for you are in charge of your own map.

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3 reviews for The Map

  1. Cindy Nolet

    The map is personalized for everyone to follow as I refer as my” map
    Returning to the mystique of the pages time and time again. As if the words are evolving rewritten for me .

  2. Kris

    One of the most in-depth, self-help books I’ve read in a long while!

  3. Jaz

    A perfect companion to the deck, and setting a a road map to life with wisdom and Colette’s guided perspective. A beautiful and creative tool to help do some inner work.